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      Welcome to Sanjac
            Xiamen Sanjac Instrument and Meter CO.,Ltd. which was founded in 1996 is located in Hi-tech industrial area,Xiang¡¯an district,Xiamen city,Fujian province,China. We are an experienced manufacturer who have being researched,developed,designed and manufactured thermocouple and RTD over twenty-years in Taiwan.
           Our main products are thermocouples,RTD (explosion-proof ,industrial,special connector,and mineral insulated)¡¢connectors¡¢handheld thermocouples¡¢terminal heads and all types of extention wires and cables:B,R,S,K,N,E,J,T included.We have a wide variety of products for your choice,and work on providing the products according to your requirements.¡­¡­
      Xiamen Sanjac Instrument and Meter CO.,Ltd.
      Address:No.16 XiangYue Road Xiang'An District,Xiamen City Fujian Province,China
      Tel: +86-592-7769586/7769587
      Fax: +86-592-7769570
      Email: sanjac@189.cn
      Free Phone Help Line:400-881-9166
      Resistance Temperature Detector
      Handheld thermocouples and surface probes
      Other products
      XIAMEN SANJAC INSTRUMENT & METER CO., LTD. Copyright 2005-2015 All Right Reserved.
      Address: No.16 XiangYue Road Xiang'An District,Xiamen City Fujian Province,China ‚䰸̖£ºé}ICP‚ä05018628Ì–-1
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